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I am a visual artist expressing my love of the natural world using

textiles, paint, fibres and small objects embedded into

the complex surfaces.

My curiosity about media leads me on to journeys of 'what if'.

I love the unexpected combinations of coloured pencil,

textiles and glitz.

I hope you enjoy these collections.

The Textiles

I have always been drawn to the tactile and visual nature of fabrics. They are my palette of colour, texture and transparency. 

Cloth can have a humble history, evidence of use and weathering.

Or it can be an explosion of reflections and opulent surface glitz.

I use a domestic sewing machine and the technique of free motion stitch to build up the layers into rich and complex surfaces. This method is called textile collage.






When learning scientific illustration I was taught how to delicately layer watercolour paint.

Since then I have explored coloured pencil and it's equal ability to layer colour with exquisite delicacy.

It has the added attraction of producing deeply saturated colours.

Seemingly opposite to coloured pencil is graphite. 

The subtle, or not so subtle, potential of graphite is also very appealing to me.

My focus in this type of drawing is the insect world. Mostly tiny, but intricate, creatures of great beauty.

My subjects are mostly from my geographical environment, Eastern Australia. 

The Birds


Birds are the most fabulous creatures. Physically beautiful, rich in symbolism, and an integral part of our beautiful world. 

There are no restrictions on my imagination when dealing with birds in my art practice.

Pretty Boys.jpg

Church Fabrics


Over the years I have found that designing and making contemporary textiles for churches has been an enormous pleasure.

My work is not traditional.

Nothing in a church is merely decorative. All the objects, all the music, all the sensual details, are there to convey a story.


One of my aims is to symbolise in colour and image the meaning of Christian spirituality in our contemporary Australian world.

Traditional northern hemisphere symbols are placed into our geographical context which connects us to both the inside and the outside of a church.

Our Brave New World


Just to make things complicated I have found myself drawn to abstraction using acrylic paint.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic I no longer had a business. So I started the long journey towards the visual emotional expression that is abstraction.

This series, Our Brave New World, has emerged from this new, for me, art practice



Here you can find a number of collections of my work. 

Some are textile.

Some are acrylic paint.

Some are coloured pencil.

Some have it all.

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