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Church Fabrics

Over the years I have found that designing and making contemporary textiles for churches

has been an enormous pleasure.

My work is not traditional.

Nothing in a church is merely decorative. All the objects, all the music, all the sensual details, are there to convey a story. One of my aims is to symbolise in colour and image the meaning of Christian spirituality in our contemporary Australian world.

Traditional northern hemisphere symbols are placed into our Australian geographical context which connects us to both the inside and the outside of a church.

I make custom stoles, robes, altar accessories and frontals.

Prices begin at:

Stoles  $300

Chasubles  $800

Copes  $1200

Frontals, depending on size  $850 to $2500

I am happy to discuss each individual inquiry and will prepare designs for you to consider.

Click on any image below for a larger view.

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