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I once didn't think I was much of a drawer, more a hasty sketcher.
Those sketches served as preliminary exploration

but were never seen as finished work.
In 2007 I began
 a university degree in Natural History Illustration, at the University of Newcastle NSW, thinking I would
never get past the first semester.
Well, I did. And went on to receive a
Bachelor of Natural History Illustration in 2012,
First Class Honours and the University Medal.
I'm still surprised by this!

My area is insects, I love them. Their tiny perfect details,
colours and
I document and draw the insects that in
habit and pass through
my own habitats of Eastern Australia.
I have developed a style of coloured pencil drawing that shows the beauty of insects with intense colour and textures ranging from dense velvet bodies, shiny reflective surfaces to the

transparency of exquisite wings.
The forest floor is another subject that fascinates me.
Another complex composition, multiple textures and tangled shapes.
Graphite pencil is my choice of media for these.
I love to teach the methods I use for these drawings in workshops.


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